SharePoint 2013 Drop Down Menu for Top Navigation

July 4, 2014 Leave a comment

In order to activate the top navigation bar with drop down menu for subsite, you need to activate a site collection feature.

Simply, navigate to Site Settings > Site Collection Features. Search for SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. You will notice that the feature is deactivated.


Now, click Activate. That’s all!

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Toshiba Canvio Connect storage solution

January 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Capacity: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
OS Compatibility:  Windows, Mac
Power source: USB only
Color: image
Warranty: 3 years

External hardisk no longer provide backup capabilities only but it also invented with robust features, such as hardisk cloning which against PC crashes.

Minimize downtime

Toshiba Canvio preloaded with NTI Backup software. This software used to clone your computer into image and you will able to restore your computer with the original settings set during computer cloning. With NTI Backup software, you will never worry about data loss again, whether at home or on the go.

Furthermore, IT trends are moving to cloud based solution. Toshiba Canvio storage offer FREE 10GB Pogoplug Cloud Storage, whereby, you may access files remotely, mobility, anywhere and anytime.

All these can be done automatically, if you set the backup scheduling.



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Home based IT Solution

January 7, 2014 Leave a comment

Few weeks ago, my grandmother’s radio player’s speaker malfunction. She wish to replace a new set of radio player. Thus, I purchase the gadgets below to replace the malfunction radio player.



  1. Intel JOI 10 @ TM105A
  2. Edifier M1335

Usage or requirement by my grandmother

  1. Auto resume playback song
  2. Watch video and pictures
  3. Listen FM radio
  4. Video chat with daughter and grandchildren
  5. Check Live4d ^^


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Tips and Tricks: Outlook 2013 Check Names Shortcut key

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Sometimes, you might need shortcut key to speed up your productivity.
I believe, you might take steps to search for a contact in the Global Address Book. Some might use AutoComplete to select the mailing distribution list but AutoComplete only work if there is cache stored.

Let’s try “Check Names”, “Alt+K”, shortcut key to help you out!


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Tips and Tricks: Use Diskpart (extend) command to increase Partition size

July 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Diskpart > Extend command is useful for Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000, Windows XP and Windows ME/2000.

* For newer version of OS, you may extend your partition size at Disk Management, by right click the disk/partition and click Extend Volume.

Step 1: Open command prompt and type “diskpart”.

Step 2: Type “list disk”. All the disks which connected to your computer will be listed.

Step 3: Type “select disk 1”. In your case, please select the correct disk.

Step 4:  Type “select partition 1”. In your case, please select the partition to be extended.

Step 5: Type “extend”. Your partition has been extended.

Step 6: Type “exit” to escape from diskpart.


Have a nice day and do it at your own risk! Please remember to backup a copy of your server image before perform this operation.

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Quick post: Surface Pro HD Digital AV Adapter

June 16, 2013 2 comments


imageWith this HDMI converter, I can extend or duplicate my Surface Pro display to the projector, monitor and TV!

You may purchase it from any Microsoft Surface retailer shop for RM159.00 only.


* Sorry for the messy table 😉

For this photo, actually, I’m projecting my display via the HD Digital AV Adapter –> HDMI to DVI converter –> DVI cable –> monitor. Check it out!


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My Microsoft Surface Pro Story

June 15, 2013 Leave a comment


When the Surface Team posted this article, it came across my mind to post out my experience on using MS Surface Pro for the pass month. I’ve been dreaming for years that MS will produce or innovate a tablet PC which easier for me to carry around I like Surface.

Travel with Gadgets:

2013-06-15T17-00-46_0I frequently travel around for business trip (domestic area or overseas). Every time I travel, I need to carry a bag that filled with gadgets.

Back to April 2013, I went to Japan a month for business trip. Every time I pass through the airport custom, I felt embarrass. Everyone was looking and waiting for me to take all my gadgets out from my bag to the tray for scanning. Those gadgets are my personal notebook (15” display), corporate notebook (13” display), iPad (10” display) and DSLR. Furthermore, I had to remove my belt, watch and jacket. Totally, I needed 3 trays for my belongings. First for my notebooks, second for my tablet and DSLR and the third tray for my belt, wallet, watch and 2 smartphones. It took me about 1-2 minutes for the scanning process, whereby for others, it only took about less than 30 seconds to pass through the custom scanning.

Work with Gadgets:

Most of my gadgets are utilized for work and research. I work as a Server Administrator and Helpdesk Management (including in-house manufacturing system support). I need to carry my notebook all the time, in case, my factory’s user need immediate support or I need to check or monitor the server and network status. It is a 24 hours standby job. Those applications are working in Windows platform only. Some applications need Microsoft Visual Studio installed for codes debugging. iPad (Apple Store) does not have Microsoft Visual Studio installer.

How about file compatibility issues? I believe, most of us are using Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, and Words) or other Microsoft products (Microsoft Project, Visio, etc.) in their daily task. Although iPad has Numbers, Key Note and Pages to edit the Microsoft Office files, there are still some limitation and compatibility issues, such as Excel’s minor macros function.

Arrival of Surface Pro in my life


Surface Pro make my life easier and lighter! One unit of Surface Pro able to replace my notebooks and tablet (for travel).

Today, when my girlfriend and I were heading to McDonald, she asked me a question.

Her: Where is your notebook or bag? –> The bag that is containing my gadgets.

Me: Behind the seat, dear.

Her: Where? I couldn’t see it. Are you sure that you have brought your gadgets?

Me: Yes. I just bring Surface Pro.

Her: Where???

Me: The tiny tablet ar…~

Her: Ooo… I really can’t see it and first time I see you bring only a tablet… –.-

That’s the power of Surface Pro!

I will use these keywords to describe my Surface Pro…

Portable, light, less space, touch screen, mobility!


Surface Pro replaced my notebook and iPad during travel (reduces about 6kg of my travel bag) and it increase my productivity! I no longer need to convert my files into different format or adjust the document’s content alignment/layout anymore! I can easier sync my documents to SkyDrive and transfer to my Surface Pro.

Last add-on, Surface comes with USB port which easier for me to retrieve data from my flashdrive and connect to printer to print my documents!

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